Guess Who Was Just Offered the Next Three Installments of the Spider-Man Reboot?


For a franchise that has earned Sony billions, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man legacy met its end swiftly and tragically, its radioactive hero left with little more to do than dangle from a fire escape wiping websnot from his nose. The resulting "reboot" was to be everything Hollywood is currently obsessed with: leaner, younger, darker, New Moonier. James Cameron could barely conceal his contempt in dismissing the material as "sloppy seconds," as if Mary Jane Watson was some oral-herpes-covered school slut proposing they make out under the bleachers. Who, then, would handle this spider-tainted material?


According to Vulture (yes! Vulture! The very scavenger that toppled the franchise in the first place!), that honor goes to (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb. Heavily rumored as a front-runner for the first film, Webb -- who chairman Amy Pascal sees as "a latter-day Cameron Crowe for the economically and socially angsty Generation Y," they write -- has actually been offered the next three Spider-Man films. The move saves them money up front, as he is rumored to earn $10 million for the first, plus far more down the line, as his deal doesn't include the hefty 25% of the profits written into Raimi's and star Tobey Maguire's contracts.

Gentlemen...start your catchphrases!

"With great power comes a giant shit on my face. Literally."

Hmm. Might need some finessing.

· Vulture Exclusive: Sony Offers (500) Days of Summer Director Marc Webb the Next Three Spider-Mans [Vulture]


  • gabriel Rude says:

    Fuck Spider-Man...I LOVE sam but even he couldn't make those films enjoyable...Beyond the opening weekend BIG SCREEN novelty. 500 days of summer guy is just a joke. Stick to the Rom-coms or whatever the hell the kids are calling them these days.
    rock Out

  • Michael Adams says:

    Ha! Watched (500) Days Of Summer last night. Is Marc Webb 14 years old? And the last line. Bwaaahaaaa. I do however look forward to new Spidey R-Pattz doing a montagey post-web-sling dance to Hall & Oates' Maneater.

  • Old No.7 says:

    I eagerly await the scene where Peter Parker is standing outside of Mary Jane's window, holding a boom-box over his head.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    So, now Spider-man will "look me right in the eye and tell the truth">
    "This idea sucks."

  • Harry N says:

    Marvel seriously has to get back it's rights from sony. They've truly ruined a great character and series.