And All the Powers of Hell


Harry Knowles has the day's most interesting rumor, claiming that Tim Burton is interested in retelling Sleeping Beauty from the villainess's point of view in a new project called Maleficent. I think we all know that Maleficent was absolutely the freakiest member of Disney's rogues gallery, but there's no word yet on whether Burton's revisionist take will be reveal her to be a terrifying drag queen who's high on cocaine. [AICN]


  • NoWireHangers says:

    Yes, but is Johnny Depp available to play Maleficent? Hasn't he committed to another Pirates film? I guess Helena Bonham Carter will just have to do then.

  • SaltySue says:

    I actually love the idea of the plot, but I'm hoping it goes into the hands of a different director. Burton will probably just cast Carter as the witch and have Depp play the prince. I'm not sure he knows how to function as a director without either of those two.