Hollywood Ink: Kathryn Bigelow, Terrence Malick Contemplate the Taliban


· As planted items go, you'd have a tough time outdoing this one: According to reports, both Kathryn Bigelow and Terrence Malick -- the Terrence Malick, who has made only five films in almost 40 years -- have their eyes on Held By the Taliban, a (hopefully) tentatively titled adaptation of David Rodhe's New York Times account of being, well, held by the Taliban for seven months. The story has been out to studios for a while, with Bigelow's attachment floated as part of a project produced by Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy. Malick has since jumped in with his own interest in producing, which might be the better option considering the war in Afghanistan might end before the famously slow, reclusive filmmaker can get this developed and made. [THR]

Gerard Butler battles bullies, The Green Lantern gets a bad-guy update, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Gerard Butler is said to be interested in Machine Gun Preacher, based on the life story of a brawling, born-again humanitarian who crusaded on behalf of Sudanese children kidnapped into war. Marc Forster would direct, one Oscar clip at a time. [Deadline]

· Not a week after Peter Sarsgaard was linked to a villain role in The Green Lantern, along comes director Martin Campbell dropping another name: Mark Strong is reportedly in talks to play the film's evil Sinestro. And if you're keeping score at home, Campbell officially knocked Jackie Earl Haley off the list of actors in the running for the role. More on this will be forthcoming as shooting approaches this spring. [LAT]

· Maybe with whatever money Variety raises with its recently reinstated pay wall, it can recruit a copy editor. To wit: "Paul Dano will star in the indie drama For Ellen. So Young [sic] Kim (In Between Days) is directing from his [sic] screenplay." But they did nail the part about Jon Heder co-starring. [Variety]

· Oh, by the way: The film industry is over, at least to conglomerates. [NYT]


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