What's On: Law & Order Regurgitates the Letterman Scandal


You know you've made it big when the good people over at Law & Order rip your personal blackmail plight from the headlines and reinterpret it for an episode of their series. Almost three months after David Letterman announced that a CBS employee was trying to screw him out of $5 million with tales of his interoffice affairs, NBC is airing an eerily similar plot in tonight's L & O entitled "Blackmail." If only they'd had the foresight to script an episode where a Leno doppleganger whacks Conan!

Law & Order [8 PM, NBC]

As Movieline predicted, L & O twists the Letterman scandal into a primetime-friendly plot tonight with guest star Samantha Bee filling the role of a talk show host who is accused of sleeping with female co-workers. The ensuing mystery involves a scandal, a failed blackmail attempt, a murder, and an editor at a gossip website.

The 15th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards [9 PM, VH1]

Warm up for this Sunday's Golden Globes with the annual Critics Choice Movie Awards tonight, hosted by Kristin Chenoweth. Unlike past years, the Emmy- and Tony-winning actress promises that this year's show will be loose and packed with musical performances. Among the contenders, Nine and Inglourious Basterds stand the best chances of taking home an award with ten nominations each, and Avatar follows close behind with nine. The ceremony will be taped live from the Hollywood Palladium, with winners chosen by members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

I Shouldn't Be Alive [9 PM, Animal]

This might be the most depressing title of a series on television right now. The hourlong program retells the extreme tales of distress and survival of people exploring the wilderness. In tonight's episode, a hiker falls 60 feet into a canyon in Utah, breaks her pelvis, and must figure out a way to escape while unable to call for help.


Volcano [8 PM, AMC]

Before Roland Emmerich ended California in 2012, Mick Jackson attempted to do the same thing in this slow-paced action film about a volcanic event that really jammed up Wilshire and probably caused major problems on the 405. Of all the weird relationships Tommy Lee Jones' character has in the film (including something romantic with Anne Heche), the strangest might be the one with his daughter (Gaby Hoffman), who is almost Kim Bauer-esque in her ability to make her dad do crazy things to save her.