What We All Need Right About Now is Josh Hartnett and a Puppy

· Some band-aid relief to a horrible, horrible week, courtesy of Terry Richardson. [Terry's Diary]


· Maxim maps out the films of Denzel Washington, according to which items he used from his Denzel Washington Disguise Kit. (Click for larger.) [Maxim]

· "Q. Did you ever aspire to have such a long and diverse acting resume?

A. (Annoyed sarcasm) Uh, no, I just wanted to do it for a year and quit ... What are you talking about? Doesn't every actor aspire to have that?"

Patton Oswalt does not suffer Moviefone's gladly. [Moviefone]

· Conan's final week will feature Tom Hanks on Tuesday (according to Tom's new Twitter feed), and culminate in a big group sing-along of "Can't Smile Without You," led by Mr. Music (that's what they call him, isn't it?) Barry Manilow. [PopEater]

· Welcome to disturbing picture corner, everybody! Ready? Go! AAAAH! Ready again? Go! AAAAAAAHHH!!! Where my Hartnett puppy?! Ahhhhh, there he is. Mommy loves you.

· Finally, Academy members can enjoy Avatar the way it was meant to be seen: On their AKAI 7" Portable DVD Players. [Deadline]

· Noah Wylie and his wife of over a decade have separated, and Dennis Hopper has filed from divorce from his wife of 14 years, citing irreconcilable etc. etc. [ET Online, CNN]

· The Two and a Half Men set, meanwhile, was flooded with security after a threat on Jon Cryer's safety was phoned in involving "the turbulent divorce with Jon's ex-wife." Does that kid have a girlfriend yet? 'Cause sh*t's gonna get ugly. [TMZ]

· World's First TV Jay Leno Impressionist, Chris Elliot, kinda nails it on this vintage episode of Late Night with David Letterman. [YouTube]