What's On: The Curious Case of James Franco's Anime Body Pillow


It's been a tragic week for the planet, what with the earthquake in Haiti, ConanGate, and the first American Idol episodes without Paula. Sometimes you just need comfort, and after putting its late night line-up through the wringer this week, the network has done one thing right by scheduling two new episodes of 30 Rock. So snuggle up to your pillow emblazoned with the comic character of your choosing, fix yourself a plate of that homemade beef jerky, and enjoy 30 Rock tonight.

30 Rock [9 PM, NBC]

After an out-of control New Year's Eve, Jack (Alec Baldwin) must figure out how to erase a drunken voicemail he left for a former flame. Jenna (Jane Krakowski, who will appear on the Tonight Show afterward) will enter a manager-manipulated relationship with James Franco (playing himself) to cover up his embarrassing secret. Liz (Tina Fey) outs a cousin to his family and Tracy (Tracy Morgan) suspiciously starts respecting women. In the episode after, Jenna auditions for a role on Gossip Girl, Tracy recruits a female into his entourage and Liz and Jack battle for the attention of Danny (Cheyenne Jackson).

Carnie Wilson: Unstapled [8 PM, GSN]

Back in October, Movieline offered up a few alternate titles for Carnie Wilson's new reality adventure and unlike the hundred or so pounds she gained after gastric-bypass surgery and two children, but none of them stuck. If watching the singer try to lose weight in her own home isn't enough motivation to get you to forfeit Bones, consider that her Beach Boy father Brian might show up for support.

Project Runway [10 PM, Lifetime]

The seventh season is here and Louis Virtel has already sized up each of competitors, grilled Nina Garcia and carbo-loaded for tomorrow morning's recap. Nicole Richie oddly joins Michael Kors and Nina Garcia on the judging panel in tonight's premiere.


Office Space [9 PM, E!]

Everything was so much simpler in 1999; Michael Jackson was still alive, we didn't have multiple social networking websites to manage, and Jennifer Aniston was accepting parts in watchable movies. Take a moment to reflect on the better times with Mike Judge's 1999 comedy about the daily struggles of an IT employee (Ron Livingston). Gary Cole, Stephen Root, Diedrich Bader and Aniston co-star.