TV Bites: Ben Stiller Fills Up His Station


· Ben Stiller welcomes two new actors to his merry band of CIA operatives: Carla Gallo (Undeclared, Californication) and Jose Zuniga (Twilight, CSI). The pair will co-star in The Station, Stiller's comedy pilot for Fox, which already stars Justin Bartha as a covert CIA op who travels with his workmates to Central America on a mission to install a new dictator. Gallo will play a loopy director of operatives who has feelings for Bartha's character. Zuniga will take the role of a trained field officer who is desperate to work inside the station. John Goodman and Rob Huebel round out the cast. [THR]

The porn industry welcomes Conan O'Brien, The Bachelor suffers more disappointment, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· The porn industry is taking Coco's crack about working with the them seriously. Producers at Pink Visual have even offered him a leading role in their upcoming flick Conan the Boobarian. [TMZ]

· Meanwhile, 83 percent of's voters want to see Conan O'Brien on NBC at 11:35 p.m. It's a shame that that overwhelming majority of readers probably did not watch Coco for the seven months he aired at that very time slot, because better ratings might have been changed the direction of ConanGate. [TV Guide]

· Scandal season continues for The Bachelor: The senior producer who allegedly shared an inappropriate affair with Rozlyn Papa has been identified as Ryan Callahan. The married staffer was fired from the show a few weeks ago. [Radar]

· Another Bachelor disappointment: Caitlyn McCabe, the 24-year-old Illinois native looking to land dreamy pilot Jake Pavelka, posed for a photo shoot a few years ago wearing a Santa hat and little else. [Radar]

· And then there's Bachelor heartbreak, this time at the hands of season 4 star Bob Guiney and his wife, All My Children's Rebecca Budig, who are divorcing after five years of marriage. [People]

· Finally, warm wishes to Dexter lead Michael C. Hall, who is in treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma. [People]