Nispel the Rebootian Narrows Down His Conan to Kellan Lutz, Jason Momoa


Shooting for Nispel the Rebootian's remake of Conan is set to begin March 15 in Bulgaria, reports Deadline. Only problem: They still have no hulking, impenetrably accented barbarian to headline the show. They said the director had narrowed it down to Twilight cruise on-board entertainment Kellan Lutz and Stargate: Hunklantis star Jason Momoa for the title role, but producers Millennium and Lionsgate are reportedly holding out for a "better established" name. If they're going after who we think they are, he is newly available, and has proven surprisingly ferocious in his recent battles with supreme foe, Leno the Toot-Hornian. [Deadline]


  • Amy says:

    Jason, Jason, Jason. I would actually go see this movie if Jason Momoa played Conan. He'd be perfect: the gruff voice, huge, buff body, and a decent actor to boot.

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