Nina Garcia Plays 'My Favorite Scene' With Movieline!


When I checked in with Nina Garcia last week and discussed, among other things, the new batch of Project Runway contestants, she lit up when I asked her to pick a favorite film scene of all time. Get this: Her answer combines style, elegance, romance, and timeless luxury. There's also some thrown-in hotness, if you're into that sort of thing.

"I know perfectly well. It's in The Thomas Crown Affair, and it's the scene where she's playing chess. I mean, that movie is one of my favorite movies. So it's everything from the music to Faye Dunaway's outfit to the pacing of it. I just loved everything about the movie. But there's that scene where she's above the chessboard and you can see her nails, and she's wearing a white outfit, and her hair is just beautiful. It's a fabulous movie. Every outfit in that movie is fabulous, the music is fantastic, and every still could be an ad campaign. Steve McQueen looks like a god, and Faye Dunaway looks beautiful."

Let's all take a moment and think about castling alongside Steve McQueen. Good morning.