EXCLUSIVE: Kimmel Confronts Leno: 'For God's Sake, Leave Our Shows Alone!'


After Jimmy Kimmel performed a devastating, hour-long Jay Leno send-up on his own show this week, we were surprised to learn that Kimmel would be appearing on The Jay Leno Show tonight to take questions from the man himself. The segment hasn't aired yet, but it's been taped, and a Movieline source has already seen it and given us exclusive early details.

So what went down when Kimmel appeared on Leno's regular "10 @ 10" featire?

"He was sorta being increasingly bitchy throughout -- he compared Leno's relationship to Conan to a stripper's relationship with a john," says our source. "He accused Jay of trying to trick him to host The Tonight Show just so Leno can take it back from him: 'Listen Lucy, I'm not Charlie Brown, I don't fall for that trick.'"

Still, says our source, Kimmel got really brutal on Conan's usurper at the very end of the segment.

"Listen, Jay: Conan and I have children. All you have to take care of is cars," Kimmel said.

"We've got lives to lead here, you've got 800 million dollars. For God's sake, leave our shows alone!"

As always, stay tuned to Movieline for a thorough recap of tonight's late-night highlights, which will doubtlessly include this:

UPDATE: Watch Kimmel's takedown here.


  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    this is similar to colbert being invited to the correspondence dinner. i just don't get it

  • Go jimmy says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is my new hero.

  • Marin says:

    Wow. Will be watching that clip online since I refuse to actually tune into Leno's show to see anything. (Granted that's not hard since I've never watched the show anyway.)

  • Daft Clown says:

    I hope this doesn't give any terrorists ideas about transporting explosives by way of a somewhat conspicuous chin prosthesis.

  • Seymour Bhutts says:

    Seriously, Leno is horrible. The fact of the matter is he should of have stayed on course with his experiment at 10pm rather than give up and try to resume a time slot given to Conan. There is no doubt Leno and NBC looks like jackasses in this mess. Stay strong Coco, you have loyal fans.

  • someone says:

    Leave Leno alone u guys, it's honestly not him at all, I'm sure leno wants to keep his show the way it is, same time slot and everything. It's nbc that's causing this crap cause they want to make way for new primetime dramas cause they're losing viewers and all Jay wants is to just save his show and keep it as is but not take over the tonight show. I may be a leno fan and I never really liked conan (always thought he was immature) but that's not why I'm defending him. It's really not him it's the network so stop putting all this on leno. Personally I believe Leno should try his show on another network at the same timeslot as conans cause regardless of how his show would be there would always be leno fans and it'll give conan more of a challenge. Besides leno shouldn't stay on a network where he's just being made a mockory of or even that network where that fatso kimmel tries hard at trying to get a small crack out of anyone, he should have stuck with the manshow in my opinion. Either way Ill keep watching lenos 10 pm show till canceled, then at 11:30 tune into letterman, another great night show =]