Claire Danes On HBO's Original Autistic-Cowgirl Biopic, Temple Grandin


HBO's three-hour slot at the TCAs in Pasadena will shed light on a smattering of new projects, and Movieline will dutifully report what soundbites it can gather amid the hordes of inquiring reporters. HBO first showcased its original biopic Temple Grandin, which chronicles the life of the titular bestselling author and consultant to the livestock industry who also has high-functioning autism. The pantheon of cinema that explores autism is filled with lauded projects (Rain Man, the recent Asperger's Syndrome romance, Adam). Following the press conference that featured the actual Temple Grandin, star Claire Danes, whose performance in the film as Grandin is sharply rendered, explained to Movieline that the project adds new dimensions to a familiar cinematic streak.

She also hinted that her performance may have been aided by her husband Hugh Dancy.

"Well, my husband played an autistic person six months before I did this, in Adam. So that was curious. But Temple is no ordinary autistic person. She's a superstar, and she's a pioneer, and the first person to write about it as somebody who has it. And that was radical. That was, kind of by definition, impossible, because they weren't able to communicate with others. She managed to do that so well, and with such clarity. I think that's what defines [the movie] for me."

Temple Grandin debuts on HBO this February.


  • NoWireHangers says:

    Why are they remaking It's Pat!

  • stolidog says:

    Just send her up the shute by herself, she'll stay calmer that way.

  • Daft Clown says:

    Step off, Danes. Hilary Swank has the market cornered on ugly chick roles.

  • That cow is making me hungry. Thanks for nothing, Claire.

  • Shallowomnivoresareyou says:

    Temple Grandin's story is important. Hollywood wins a few points every now and then for venturing forth into substantial topics. No tits and ass. No Matrix effects. Just a topic that reflects our culture, our humanity, and our respect for animal life.

  • Quinn K says:

    I think this movie is supposed to be more about her autism than cows

  • Ted says:

    Stolidog, Daft Clown, No Wire Hangers, S.T. Whatever - I can tell from each of your sentences that this women, and all the special needs students I've ever taught, are smarter, stronger and have more of a life than you do. Those cows are superior.

  • Teacher2 says:

    Obviously the movie is made only for people who can look past their own immature self-centered ignorant perceptions and see the actual humanity and talent that it takes to portray someone like Temple Grandin.