Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer Trailer: The Book of Ruth


· And voila! The trailer for The Ghost Writer, the political thriller from Switzerland's most infamous chalet-detainee, who approved a final cut just a few weeks ago in time to open the Berlinale international film festival. And what to make from this brash, pulpy glimpse at Roman Polanski's latest? I've watched it twice now, and I still have no idea. It's almost as if it's been edited together by a cat. [RowThree]

· While most of late night was hyperventilating over the Conan/Jay wars, Jennifer Love-Hewitt was sharing tips with George Lopez about how women can "vagazzle their vajayjays." Sounds like a gripping plot element from The Gross Whisperer. [HuffPo]

· And here's a preview of Letterman tonight, calling NBC's brainstrust a bunch of "pinheads." [YouTube]

· Jeff Zucker's voicemails to Conan. [Funny or Die]

· Is Daniel Craig ready to swoop in for Robert Downey Jr. and lassoo up some little green men in Cowboys & Aliens? [Collider]

· Many celebrities have Tweeted their concern over Haiti, but only one is sooooooo bummed about it. [Alex Blagg]

· Gollum saw and loved Precious!