We're With Coco


· This historic day of crimes against orange-pompadoured humanity shall live in infamy. We present then a full The Last Word dedicated to our Coco solidarity. It's hate NBC Day, everyone! Let's celebrate. (Click image to embiggen, use elsewhere.)

· Add Conan hair to your pictures and upload to Twatbook, Jitterspace, Fumblr, etc...


· Jay Leno's doctor gives his diagnosis. [via TDW]

· More from Cougar Town EP Bill Lawrence from TCA, who called Conan's statement today "ballsy," and said this about tonight's much-anticipated monologue: "I would attack, I would be as self-deprecating as possible because you certainly don't want to get into a fight that you can't win. Conan's comedic strength is taking shots at himself, that's why I love the guy. He's as humble a talk show host as you'll see out there. I just think the drag is in the scheme of things, the amount of time that he had to find the show and get it going was not fair. Just not fair." [The TV Addict]

· New York's Adam Sternbergh on why Conan and The Tonight Show were never a good fit to begin with. [NY Mag]

· Letterman's loving it: From tonight's monologue: "Things are getting interesting in late night television. You know what's going on, ladies and gentlemen? Chaos and craziness and mayhem - a couple of minutes ago, Conan O'Brien, who was the host of The Tonight Show over there at NBC, announced that he would not follow Jay Leno at 12:05. Yeah, so you know what this means - that's right, I knocked off another competitor...Conan said he made the decision not to follow Leno at 12:05 after he talked to Johnny Carson...And now, so Jay Leno apparently is moving back to 11:30, and this has been hard on my mom. It's been tough on my mom because for the last six months she's been forced to watch me...And now, according to the NY Times, Al Qaeda is claiming responsibility for the wreckage at NBC....Simon Cowell is leaving 'American Idol,' but don't worry - we've checked and Jay's fingerprints are nowhere on this one." [The Live Feed]


  • Daft Clown says:

    Team Coco for sure.
    On a different note, My answer to the disease at the heart of Extraordinary Measures isn't a possible choice on the list. I've gotta go with Ford's chronic denimitis; I think he's had it about 20 years now, give or take.

  • Does that mean he's always high? Because I believe that, and it almost makes me forgive that Crystal Skull piece of crap.
    Where are the Team CoCo shirts?

  • Coco Supporter says:

    Where's Ferguson ripping NBC a new one from last night?
    /bunch of lying rat bastards

  • Cone Dog 4 Life says:

    I personally will not watch anything with Leno's name associated with it. He should just retire and realize he had his chance at 10 P.M and failed. NBS is behind all this mess. Did they not see this coming? I did. Leno has never been funny imo. His standup is his best quality. So why doesn't he just bow out and take his medicine instead of screwing up a good thing for a good person like Conan O'brien.

  • Jay should step aside and give Conan the opportunity to succeed.

  • beezy says:

    I love conan!!

  • preston says:

    nbc sucks. team coco. they are ruining the tonight show for baby jay. if they let conan go, i shant watch nbc again

  • Josh Daddabbo says:

    do a search on team coco and then ask why there arent any tshirts yet.

  • Courtney says:

    I'm 27. I love Conan. I've always worked a late shift and stayed up even later to catch his monologue at the very least. My parents are in their early 50's and love Leno. They used to stay up to watch him on the Tonight Show. They think Conan is obnoxious and go to sleep now. This whole ratings mess is completely generational. NBC's original plan made sense, if they were looking to success in the future--Conan is the the future of the Tonight Show. Problem is they didn't make a clean break with Leno because of the high ratings he garnered. Now they are paying the price 3 fold. Jeff Zucker needs to grow a pair and stand by his original plan or...better yet, he can just go away and take his poor decision making--he's screwed up everything from dramas, to sitcoms, to late night--with him,

  • jusme says:

    Conan Rocks.
    Leno Sucks.
    i remember how the late night stuff between letterman and leno went down when carson retired. NBC was a bunch of putzes then, looks like zucker picked up the putz virus when he was suckin' immelts dick.
    i hope comcast fires his bitch ass, and leno bombs. that would be justice.

  • Tomasie poo says:

    Just another bunch of sucka perpatrators living in the 818.
    Team COCO!

  • rustyredhead says:

    Jay is so full of shiz!!! saying conan wasn't doing good in the ratings..AZZHOLE you didnt start off on the top also ya jackaZZ!!! im boycotting ALL NBC shows!!!