This Travolta Family Music Video from Old Dogs is Disney's Best Work Since Up


Who'd have thought we'd ever find ourselves in a place where we'd be watching John Travolta, seated in an all-white room furnished only with 10-foot letters spelling out his daughter's name, as he intently listens to her describe her fantasy alternate universe (it involves unicorns and unlimited lattes)? Wait! There's more! He's also singing a Bobby Brown cover, and since it's from the soundtrack of Walt Disney ape-rape movie, Old Dogs, they've splice in scenes from the film! Hello, Justin Long! Hello, deformed Joker smile! Let's break for an instrumental, and discuss our fantasy worlds again: There's elephants riding airplanes, and lions are house pets, and skunks are men's hairpieces! This might be better than Up, Disney! Are you sure you want to make any serious changes to your roster? [via Film Drunk]