Sideboobs, Lesbians and Liam Neeson: Yep, the French Made a Chloe Trailer


Pardon the shamelessly salacious headline, but ever since viewing Chloe last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival, I've been looking for even more ways to express the brilliant luridness of the lesbian-psychodrama-on-steroids that is Atom Egoyan's latest masterpiece. And now, thanks to the French (who else?), a new, NSFW trailer says everything in one dense, soft-focus burst of angst and lust. Are you prurient enough to see for yourself? Of course you are.

I doubt the eventual Sony Classics trailer will be as overt as their Gallic counterparts about what's going on here. It certainly can't be more overt; Amanda Seyfried's partial nudity, Julianne Moore's literal bodice ripping, Liam Neeson getting blown in a greenhouse... this isn't the subtlest sell in cinema history. One might almost consider the trailer to be a averse reaction to Egoyan remaking French filmmaker Anne Fontaine's 2004 drama Nathalie in the first place, as if to say, "We do batshit infidelity-love triangle thrillers better than you ever will, Canada; take your soft-core and shove it." And one may be correct.

Oh, yes, sorry: the story. You can read all about it here (or just watch the trailer; it's not quite on-the-nose, but it's pretty straightforward), but Moore plays a doctor who hires a call girl (Seyfried) to find out if her professor husband (Neeson) is being unfaithful. Or at least would be unfaithful. Best intentions, etc etc... You can see where this is going, with Neeson reacting as probably any straight male would to Seyfried's purr "Can I borrow your sugar?" and Moore spiraling into suspicion, desire and fear. It's got everything! Plus with executive producer Ivan Reitman's imprimatur, how can you go wrong? Oh.

Well, listen: Save the date -- March 26 -- for the U.S. release. Tell your friends, hide the kids. This is the shit-hot shit.

VERDICT: At the front of the line.