Peter Sarsgaard Walks Back 'No Comic Book Villains' Pledge for Green Lantern


When I spoke to Peter Sarsgaard back in October, I asked him about the notable lack of sequels and superhero films on his resume. "A franchise is either great or a golden handcuff," Sargaard replied candidly then. "If I were just to do something for money, I would make sure that it didn't take an enormous amount of time out of my life. So, yeah. No comic book villains for me."

Oh hey, on a related note: You will never guess who's playing the bad guy in Green Lantern!

That'd be Sarsgaard, who THR reports will go up against Ryan Reynolds in Martin Campbell's megabudget comic book adaptation:

Sarsgaard will play Dr. Hector Hammond, the pathologist son of a senator who is seen as a disappointment in his father's eyes. He becomes infused with psychic powers when he discovers a meteor.

So will Lantern be a golden handcuff or a green power ring? We suppose time will tell, but we'll leave you with this last quote from a pre-supervillain Sars: "Yeah, I've faced situations where I thought, 'This is gonna be a lot of time for not very much reward,' or 'The rewards in this are purely financial.' It's OK for that to be the reason to do something, but then I start to look at time, and I go, 'Oh, but it's three years of my life.'"

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