Latest Moon Oscar Appeal: Do it For the Children


The cheeky, do-it-yourself awards-campaign engineers behind Moon have come up with their latest strategem in the long war to earn Sam Rockwell an Oscar nomination. And as with all overearnest TV appeals involving the humanitarian aid of disadvantaged children, it's kind of hilarious. But! Is it persuasive?

Only time will tell, but at least director Duncan Jones (who cameos here, see if you can spot him) is getting his outraged money's worth against the piracy-averse (read: cheap) suits at Sony. And as a devotee of the film and Rockwell's performance, I am more than happy to pass his and his colleagues' heartrending plea on to you. Please make a difference by wasting a couple minutes of your work day; this cause is worth it.

· Sam Rockwell Oscar Appeal - with Brick Hardmeat [YouTube]


  • The Guest says:

    When does a grassroots campaign cross the line into self-aggrandizing flogging (Duncan Jones, in this case)? Leave Sam Rockwell out of this, please. It's getting a little embarrassing.

  • unklerupert says:

    Hi Guest, this is all genuine, from the heart, fan love going out.
    Having immense respect for Sam Rockwell's performance, we want him to have every chance to be recognized at the highest level by his peers.
    Duncan Jones did not instigate this, or direct it in any way, but has been extremely supportive in getting the word out on our efforts. Quite understandable as he, more than anyone, is aware of what Sam Rockwell put into the role of Sam Bell.
    We may come across as amateur, and sometimes "a little embarrassing" but you know what, we are not even amateurs, we are all normal, day to day movie fans, who have been genuinely moved by what we believe to be a stellar performance, so much so we have banded together in a way that would not have been possible until very recently, and moved forward with a common goal. Bringing attention to Mr.Rockwell's performance.
    But thanks for your opinion, we're not all going to feel the same.

  • Sev Black says:

    We know that a petition, no matter how many signatures, is not going to get Sam an Academy Award nomination all by itself, but the aim is to draw attention to Sam’s performance, and hope that the voters interest is stimulated enough to want to see MOON, and consider nominating him in the Best Actor category.

  • My Chick Bad says:

    Omg, Lady Gaga got eight VMA awards yesterday! I'm definitely proud of her success and I like the Born This Way piece she belted also!