Late Night Highlights: Letterman and the Na'vi Reach Out to Conan, Bill Cosby Reflects

Everybody has something to say about NBC's epic mishandling of its late night line-up, especially Conan O'Brien. After a vicious monologue last night, but before the statement that would change us all, the Tonight Show revisited the topic of his time slot slight while role-playing with a Na'vi and then channeling his aggression into one menacing stare, as supervised by Gary Oldman. For those videos, along with David Letterman's free advice to NBC, and the other clips you missed while perfecting your Fox sign-off, join us after the jump.

A Few Lessons By Bill Cosby

Even comedy legend Bill Cosby fit in a few sucker punches to NBC last night after an audience member's cell phone beeped. And then the comedy legend regaled the crowd with stories from his childhood.

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