Is Oprah Trying to Swede It's Complicated?


Julie: Can we talk about why Rita Wilson is giving frumpy women makeovers on Oprah today?

Kyle: I also would like to know why!

Julie: This is really bothering me. As proof that she went through a frumpy period, Oprah just showed a picture of Rita at a movie premiere in the 80's wearing shoulder pads. Who didn't wear big shoulder pads in the 80's? How is Rita Wilson relevant to present day frumpiness?

Kyle: Oprah just saw It's Complicated and wanted to recreate Meryl's wine-sipping circle of friends. She already has Alexandra Wentworth, now she has Rita. Mary Kay Place should get excited right now.

Julie: I wanted to punch someone in the face during those scenes. I hate watching women squawk. Hens!

Kyle: You know, I think there's something to this theory! I mean, that Santa Barbara opulence in It's know Oprah was all about that movie.

Julie: You know she was. Now Oprah and Rita are actually discussing how they like wearing high heels but they would never go shopping wearing high heels. This qualifies as an episode of Oprah.

Kyle: Gayle and Stedman: Which is Alec and which is Steve? And why won't John Krasinski call Oprah's assistant back?

Julie: This is hard -- Gayle definitely has the history with Oprah. I feel like Gayle is both Alec and Steve, and Stedman is a totally peripheral character -- like Steve's contracting partner who barely gets screen time.

Kyle: I think Stedman is Alec and Gayle is Steve. You know that Gayle will always show up in the final minute to build Oprah's house in the rain. No matter what.


  • Dubrovnik says:

    Let's be honest: Dr. Phil is totally Alec in this scenario.

  • Martini Shark says:

    The very thought that I was able to cogently follow that discourse has one of my eyes twitching. What does a stroke feel like??? I need some 12-year old rum and a hockey game before I end up in the ER.

  • Daft Clown says:

    Imagine my disappointment when I found no mention of Denise Richards here...