Disney Purge Continues as Oren Aviv Bounced From Production Post


Whether you want to liken Rich Ross's regime change at Disney to a garden-variety housecleaning metaphor or something more extreme -- say, forcibly flushing out Mickey Mouse's colon through brute executive strength -- the studio's front-office purge continued today as production boss Oren Aviv was sent packing.

Aviv's exit (officially, of course, he resigned) wasn't what you'd call unexpected -- not after studio chief Ross personally aborted not one, not two, but three of Aviv's planned projects with origins under Ross's predecessor Dick Cook. Add to that Disney CEO Bob Iger not-so-secret displeasure with last year's slate, and, well, yeah. But! We'll always have The Princess and the Frog! Thanks for everything, O.

Meanwhile, our corporate siblings say Ross has a replacement in mind; more on that as it develops.

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