5 Directors Channing Tatum Should Court for His Male Stripper Movie

The utterly delightful Details cover story on Channing Tatum has been heavily promoted using an anecdote about Tatum's water-scalded penis (and hey, I don't blame 'em!), but we shouldn't let that obscure the fact that writer Craig Marks also asked Tatum about his male stripping past. Surprisingly, the G.I. Joe star couldn't wait to defy his publicist by discussing the clothing-optional job, which he took at age nineteen. "I've been wanting to talk about this forever!" he told Marks. "I met some of the most insane characters...I'm gonna make a movie about it. I've talked to a couple of directors."

In a noble attempt to help Hollywood greenlight Tatum's banana-hammocked biopic, here are five auteurs who we hope he's set up meetings with:

Tony Scott

Scott's been itching to make a Chippendales movie for quite some time, seemingly in an attempt to outdo brother Ridley's beefcake-filled White Squall. Why not bring on Tatum for verisimilitude? (Bonus points: If Tatum needs to get back to fighting weight -- and he admits in the Details interview that he can't wait to let himself go and "play fat roles" in five years -- Ridley can probably lend him Russell Crowe's special yo-yo diet secrets.)

Dito Montiel

Tatum's frequent collaborator stripped him shirtless in both A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and Fighting, but why stop there? If you're going to make a Tatum trilogy, it's only natural to add pantlessness to the equation.

Joel Schumacher

The world at large did not appreciate Schumacher putting nipples on the Batsuit in Batman and Robin, but for male strippers looking for a gimmick in 1997, those cheap Toys R Us costumes provided a great starter look.

James Cameron

Hey, Cameron just gave us a movie hero who runs around naked but for a buttcrack-eliding loincloth -- what's one more?

Sam Raimi

I hear he's available!

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