9 Actors Who Could Replace Tobey Maguire in the Rebooted Spider-Man


Tobey Maguire was very nearly replaced in Spider-Man once before when he balked at making the second film, forcing Sony to line up Jake Gyllenhaal as insurance. Still, we can't recommend that Gyllenhaal get excited by today's news that Sony will be recasting Peter Parker in the next installment, as the studio's intended high school reboot will almost certainly limit its potential casting pool to actors 18-25. Who's got the inside track, then? Movieline's gone ahead and picked out nine young thespians whose spider-sense should be tingling right now.


Johnny Simmons

Age: 23

Why It Could Work: As he showed in Jennifer's Body, Simmons has the kind of bashful, croaky charisma that evokes Maguire himself. Give him a haircut and he could almost be a dead ringer.

Why It Might Not: Hasn't yet proven himself in a lead role.


Logan Lerman

Age: 17

Why It Could Work: The Percy Jackson star turns 18 in a little over a week and certainly is the most convincing high-schooler on this list.

Why It Might Not: If Percy becomes a big hit, 20th Century Fox will want to rush Lerman into a sequel as soon as possible (which will limit his availability).


Aaron Johnson

Age: 19

Why It Could Work: Johnson is the right age and has the right look, and he's got the nerdy superhero thing working for him in the upcoming Kick-Ass...

Why It Might Not: ...but it also works against him. How can Johnson have two separate superhero franchises where one practically parodies the idea of the other?


Zac Efron

Age: 22

Why It Could Work: Aside from the unavailable Twilight duo of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, Efron possibly has the most marquee value of any male actor in his age group. After leaving High School Musical, he's ready for his next franchise and certainly athletic enough to convince as Spider-Man.

Why It Might Not: Is Efron too big a star for the franchise? Sony might want a relative unknown that the studio can pay peanuts, not an actor who'd command an eight-figure paycheck right off the bat.

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  • Drew says:

    I know he seems a little too old but I'm going with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Much more talented than a number of those actors in question and I think he could pull of the age range.

  • stolidog says:

    Rico Rodriguez!
    With Ed O'neill and Sofia Vergara as the aunt and uncle.

  • levar says:

    No one can replace Tobey Maguire

  • T says:

    I think Penn Badgley can be a good fit. He's dorky Dan on Gossip Girl but he's got the built now that he's buffed up and he's a pretty good actor

  • B says:

    Penn Badgley...great actor and mighty fine.

  • Leo says:

    If they use Zac Effron I will shoot myself

  • Michael Angarano (Will Stronghold from Sky High) FTW
    also a chance to correct the woefully heinous miscasting of Kirsten Dunst as MJ. Leighton Meester perhaps?
    Zac Efron could be Harry Osbourne.

  • Steaven says:

    Penn Badgley! he can be Peter Parker..

  • Tabira says:

    I vote for Penn Badgley. Think he will do it fine, really!!

  • SteveDenver says:

    Drew nailed it! Why go for a Tobey Maguire-alike? He is a singular talent. Joseph Gordon-Levitt could do it. He has the physicality, compact build, and makeup can definitely get him back to high-school looks. Maybe it's time Spidey went to college!
    Joseph Gordeon-Levitt for the win! If not, how about Jamie Bell?

  • kybarsfang says:

    Ugh, no to Efron and some of these other guys. Spider-Man was bad enough as it was with Tobey as Peter, I don't want to see my beloved character played by yet another person who doesn't look or act the part. I want to watch a real superhero movie, not a Nikelodeon version.

  • Jess says:

    Logan Lerman and Aaron Johnson are the only ones I could take seriously, but I don't think either would work. Johnson couldn't play two superheros-it'd be too weird and contradictory. Lerman would be a good candidate, but Percy Jackson looks like it's going to do well, so he wouldn't have the time.

  • haley says:

    LOGAN LERMAN is the most appropriate to play the part. I mean seriously. Who the HELL would want a Zac Efron to play as Peter Parker? The rest of the list didnt fit it either.

  • howster says:

    as they seem to be going the ultimate spidey universe and it will be a teenage spidey, logan lerman is the best fit. he's not overexposed like Zac Efron who will turn off a lot the fans. Plus he has more feature film acting cred in 310 to yuma, meet bill, gamer and an indie film with renee zellweger. but i think the studios may go for a bigger name like efron who seems eager to play spidey---not really how i see parker/spidey there sorry Zac fans

  • JR DOUGLAS says:

    I think Daniel Radcliffe would make a great Peter Parker/Spiderman

  • Rachel Lynn H. says:

    Michael Cera, Daniel Radcliffe, and Zac Efron- BAD BAD CHOICES. Zac Efron cannot act, neither can Michael Cera. Daniel Radcliffe is an OK actor, but far from great. I think that unknown actors should be given the chance. I'm sure there's someone out there that is the perfect fit for "Spiderman 4" (although I'll miss the cast of Spiderman 1,2, and 3).

  • Rachel Lynn H. says:

    It wouldn't be good to do the "high school Spiderman" plot for "Spiderman 4". That's already been done with "Spiderman 1". I want "Spiderman 4" to be Spiderman struggling with his hero identity while attending college, not an "Ultimate Spiderman Universe", that would be stupid. Because everyone, including Spiderman, grows up at some point or another. Personally, I think Sam Worthington would make an AWESOME Lex Luthor. I even have a petition started for Sam Worthington as Lex Luthor: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/alexanderluthor/
    That could use signatures, if you guys would be so kind to sign it. And thank you to those who do sign it. =)

  • not telling says:

    that sucks! toby is way better actor in spiderman then all of these actors BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! P.S please toby come back im a fan of spiderman!

  • not telling says:

    oh by the why penn is tooooooooo old for him to replace duhhh

  • miko says:

    no one can replace tobey maguire. . . . 🙁