Star Droppings: The Best Parts of the Beatty Bio

As a public service, we'll be highlighting passages of note in Star, Peter Biskind's biography of Warren Beatty that has already caused a small firestorm over the author's unscientifically arrived-at guesstimation that Beatty had slept with 12,775 women. Today's excerpt, a striking recollection involving Gary Cooper and Rita Hayworth, is after the jump.

Pg. 40: "One night, when he was still new to Hollywood, he went to a party where he ran into Gary Cooper. Beatty always speaks admiringly about Cooper's touch with women, saying, 'he chased way more pussy that I did.' Cooper was standing next to Hayworth, his hand on her bottom, under her skirt. It seemed to Beatty that Cooper had his finger buried deep inside her butt."

Take it away, Chairman...