It's a Bingo!


· Click image for big. [TDW]

· Someone at TCA asked Fox's Kevin Reilly if he thought Conan O'Brien was "damaged goods." Reilly said he is not. [Live Feed]

· Brothers and Sisters is doing a two-part episode, set in 1973 and 1986. that will feature younger actors playing all the members of the Walker family. [Ausiello Files]

· Videogum explains why, exactly, Jerry Seinfeld should shut the f*ck up. Also: The Marriage Ref? Worst thing in the universe. [Videogum]


· This is really great: Best Week Ever's Dan Hopper lists seven Simpsons jokes that came true, from tomacco plants to fish fetishes. Well done! [BWE]

· A great obit of New Wave giant Eric Rohmer. [Guardian]


  • mikeyboy says:

    you left out the "Is Landa gonna have to choke a bitch?!" part. what the hell movieline?

  • Furious D says:

    1. You should have seen his reaction to the guy who said he liked Jimmy Fallon.
    2. Conan's not "damaged" his network is damaged.
    3. And yet, I still couldn't care less.
    4. Jerry, just roll around on a huge pile of Seinfeld rerun money, and stay out of everyone else's business. Also, stay out of my bushes, it's getting creepy.
    5. And they all said I was crazy when I started my "retirement grease" fund.
    6. New Wave? Which band was he in, Blondie? 😉

  • Daft Clown says:

    So, I hear you're fond of Tarantino.
    I love him in Sukiyaki Western Django.
    Same results ensue.