I Want To Go To Baird


One of 30 Rock's best guest-stars, Jon Hamm, will return to the series in February and -- do what, exactly? Is there anything left to do? The Mad Men star's arc on 30 Rock concluded sufficiently last time around, when his character Dr. Baird was revealed to be a gauche, oblivious hunk. Far as I'm concerned, the only way he can top his last appearance is if he appears on Liz Lemon's Dealbreakers talk show and, against Liz's plans, is now a sophisticated gent. And maybe he's best friends with Liz's other terrible ex Dennis, who is reformed (and planning a Dealbreakers response talk show?) as well. And Dr. Spaceman hires Baird as a partner. OK, never mind, this will be great. [EW]

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