Conan O'Brien to Finally Follow His Dream of Earning a Buck a Year Writing Mr. Burns Dialogue


During last night's Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special! In 3D! On Ice!, director and host Morgan Spurlock took his camera crew around the country to interview all kinds of celebrities who have worked on or been influenced by Springfield's finest. Hugh Hefner creepily raved about Marge's sex appeal, John Waters described how politically incorrect the yellow family is and Nancy Cartwright explained for the 8,745th time how she landed the lucrative job of voicing Bart during an audition for Lisa. And then, amidst all of those dewy memories and glowing praises, Conan O'Brien appeared for an ironically-worded tribute to the show, which employed him between 1991 and 1993.

While the Tonight Show host's video message was certainly recorded weeks (maybe even months?) before NBC unceremoniously pulled him from his 11:35 p.m. time slot, watching Conan discuss his fantasy of a peaceful job in the Spanish countryside (far away from programming scuffles and former Tonight Show hosts usurping his time slot) was a little poetic.

While describing secondary Simpsons characters, Spurlock spliced in a clip of Conan discussing Mr. Burns, Springfield's richest and most evil citizen:

"If somebody could just put me out in a pasture somewhere, in a beautiful part of Spain and say, 'Your job is just - we'll pay you a dollar a year and you could have some cheap red wine and just think of weird things for Mr. Burns to say and do, I would take that job."

Doesn't Conan deserve some rest and relaxation in the countryside, far far away from required Subway placements and Jay Leno. And part of Conan's fantasy could come true, at least the part where he is employed by Fox, if those reports that he has been meeting with the News Corp. network are true.


  • snickers says:

    He should take a dollar-a-year gig from Fox and collect the other 19 million he's owed from NBC for the next four years.