Friday Box Office: Avatar Readies for Fourpeat


As predicted, Avatar piled on another top-ranking Friday at the box office, lining itself up for its fourth consecutive No. 1 finish come Sunday night. As usual, it wasn't even close; despite Avatar's 47-percent drop from last Friday -- its steepest one-week slide to date -- it still took in more than double the amount of its closest new competitor Daybreakers. Among other debuts, the beleaguered Leap Year sank into fifth place, while Sandra Bullock's cash-seeking missile The Blind Side showed its first signs of possibly running out of gas. Click through for the full Top 10.

AVATAR: $13,400,000 ($393,900,000)

DAYBREAKERS: $5,900,000 (new)

SHERLOCK HOLMES: $5,100,000 ($153,700,000)

ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKUEL: $3,300,000 ($165,300,000)

LEAP YEAR: $3,200,000 (new)

IT'S COMPLICATED: $3,200,000 ($68,600,000)

YOUTH IN REVOLT: $2,700,000 (new)

THE BLIND SIDE: $2,200,000 ($213,600,000)

UP IN THE AIR: $1,900,000 ($49,800,000)

THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG: $950,000 ($88,800,000)