Chuck Star Yvonne Strahovski On What to Expect From Season 3


To the viciously loyal legion of fans who fought tooth and nail to keep Chuck on NBC last season, Yvonne Strahovski is the most badass blonde on television these days. The Australian actress plays Sarah Walker, the skilled secret agent assigned to protecting Chuck (Zachary Levi) after he accidentally inherited top-secret government knowledge two seasons ago. Strahovski easily has the most fun on the show, alternating disguises, weapons and languages to guard her on-again, off-again love interest. In anticipation of this Sunday's two-hour premiere, Movieline spoke to Strahovski yesterday about Sarah's relationship with Chuck, her ability to kick ass and where you might be able to find her on a Friday night.

[Beware: The mildest of spoilers lay ahead about the direction of Season 3]

NBC made a lot of people happy by renewing Chuck. Had you mentally prepared for the show to end after the second season?

Yes, I mean, we were all worried for a bit of time. It was kind of a really nice surprise to hear that we were coming back for a third season and I think collectively, the whole cast was grateful to our fans for being dedicated. They were pretty much the ones that really fought for it, along with the whole Subway thing. [Ed.: Subway restaurants covered production costs in exchange for frequent mentions on the show.] This season is even more exciting, I think, because we feel like we've been through a battle and we hope that everyone really likes it.

Do you find yourself eating more Subway these days?

[Laughs] I actually haven't been lately, but I am a fan.


Last season, Chuck received a new intersect that gave him fighting skills. Is Zach adapting well to the stunt choreography?

Oh yeah, he's got a knack for physical stuff. I think he really enjoys doing that stuff and it's fun to have him be part of it as well because we get to do a lot of action sequences together. He gets to do things on his own and he's pretty savvy with that too. He's got quite some rhythm in his body. He loves to dance a lot, like I do, so we remember choreography quite well.

How long does it typically take to learn the action sequences?

Initially, for me, we'd spend a good couple of hours learning them and rehearsing them, but now we're to the point where it takes me about five minutes. The stunt guys will show me what the sequence is and how it works and then I go off and rehearse it and that's it. I go over it by myself and memorize it but that's it. Then we shoot.

Any injuries yet this season?

No, I'm knocking on wood right now. We've been pretty good so far.

Do you think there is something about being an Aussie or New Zealander female that makes you particularly suited for ass-kicking, what with you Lucy Lawless, Zoe Bell and Peta Wilson?

[Laughs] I don't know, maybe there's something in the water.

There are so many great Australian actors and actresses in Hollywood now. Have you formed any kind of secret society yet with Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts and the Aussie gang?

[Laughs] I would really like that if there was a secret club where I could talk to Naomi Watts. I haven't met a whole bunch of Aussies out here, but I know that there is a group of Aussies that generally hang out and we have Australian meetings. Like, we have a group called Australians in Film and they'll screen films that have an Australian in them or have been produced or directed by an Australian and usually they'll follow up with a Q&A with the starring Australians. Whenever I have a change to go to those, they're great because I always meet people.

So there's a newsletter?

It's an email thing. They email you about upcoming screenings but the unfortunate thing is that I usually cannot go because I'm shooting.

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  • Irish Rover says:

    Great double-episode last night! I would have been disappointed if I'd have had to wait a week (or even 24 hours) to see at least some reconciliation between Chuck and Sarah. My whole family (wife and 3 kids) are Chuck fans - it's the only show we all can't miss!
    Not only is Yvonne's American accent so believable, but despite the outrageous James Bond-like situations, for 43 minutes each episode (w/o commercials!), I forget she's acting because she seems so natural no matter what the scene. I must admit, though, that when she tears up about Chuck, she simply melts my heart - and makes me wish I were 20 years younger!
    Thanks for the great entertainment, Yvonne. This fan hopes you have a long and successful career without all the negatives that too often accompany celebrity.