TV Bites: HBO Nabs Pablo Escobar Documentary


· While late night undergoes some major changes at the hands of NBC, the rest of television's news feeds are remarkably calm this morning. One channel even has reason to celebrate -- HBO for snatching up the U.S. television rights to Sins of My Father, the prized documentary from Argentinean filmmaker Nicolas Entel about Colombia's most infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar, as told from Escobar's son's point of view. The film premieres this month at Sundance. [THR]

Showtime picks up The Big C, NBC previews James Franco's episode of 30 Rock, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· Showtime has picked up The Big C, formerly titled The C-Word -- Darlene Hunt's series about a "suburban wife and mother whose cancer diagnosis forces her to shake up her life, finding hope and humor," starring Laura Linney. [THR]

· Just another example that America's Most Wanted is responsible for Thanksgiving miracles. [AP]

· And the Most Pirated Show of 2009 Award goes to... Heroes! []

· If you were wondering what kind of American Idol guest judge Victoria Beckham will be, then allow us to break the news that she will be just like the rest, doling out that kind of "constructive criticism" that does not "trample on people's dreams." [People]

· ABC's Castle will get a shot of much-needed (if unlikely) star power on February 8 with a cameo by Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre. [EW]

· And finally, James Franco and Jane Krakowski discuss their upcoming episode of 30 Rock (no anime pillow spoilers ahead):


  • Pat says:

    How does a show that is free to watch over the broadcast airwaves exactly get "pirated" again? I get it with HBO/etc, that you have to pay for cable. But NBC is free to anyone who has a TV & maybe an antenna.

  • eber hart says:

    Son of Wall Street and former Yalie Oliver Stone
    has lots and lots of time and money to celebrate
    worhless, done-to-death, circle-jerk subjects such as this.
    MEANWHILE, GENUINE veteran Oliver Stone tows
    the line, with the rest of soldout/suck-up
    franchise slum Hollywood, and, once again,
    manages to TOTALLY 'overlook' the staggeringly
    relevant, awesomely important 60th Anniversary
    of the KOREAN WAR this June 25th -EVEN AS
    people continue to suffer an die imprisoned
    and ignored by--the---MILLION.

  • Neil Munson says:

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