The Year of Living Dangerously

One week down, 51 to go. And if they're anything like this one, they'll fly by with whimsy, curiosity and grace. (Unless you're at NBC, in which case: Hang in there!) Read on for some of the week's top stories from our ceaseless churn, and have a great weekend!

· We set our resolutions for 2010, including the late addition: Stand back and stay out of Avatar's way as it barrels down Hollywood Blvd. and past the billion-dollar mark.

· When we finished chatting with Matthew Broderick, Verne Troyer, new Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Neil Flynn we spent some time on a whoooooole lotta Verge reminiscences.

· On his way to hang out with the cast of Jersey Shore, Michael Cera dropped by Movieline HQ for a nice visit.

· Question stemming from NBC's handling of its ugly late-night imbroglio: Are they still called "technical difficulties" if the network sabotages itself?

· Welcome to Lost Island, your completely puzzling new home for fun, adventure and the Smoke Monster Roller Coaster!

· Take your picks of this week's Two-Minute Verdicts: the exploitative From Paris With Love, or the goat-erection bonanza Our Family Wedding. Choose carefully!

· Spider-Man 4 stalled again; we think we know why.

· Franco! Franco! Franco! There just can't be enough Franco. Franco!