The Bradley Cooper Nude Beach Video He Didn't Tell Letterman About

Bradley Cooper Nude Beach

Last night on Letterman, Bradley Cooper rehashed some of his pre-fame gigs, which included serving as a hotel doorman and hosting a little-watched Discovery Channel show called Globe Trekkers. "The idea was that you were not an expert and they loved that and they wanted to watch you suffer," said Cooper, who was sent by the show to cycle the Viking trail and kayak with orca whales. However, one delicious bit of Globe Trekkers-induced suffering was conspicuously absent from Cooper's anecdote: The time the show forced the then-25-year-old to go to a nude beach in Croatia and take his clothes off. Lucky for you, Movieline's got the video. Enjoy!


  • Michael Strangeways says:

    somehow I doubt that this was a first time experience for Bradley...
    MANY people watch GlobeTrekker!!!

  • dave says:

    He's 25 in this picture? His hair transplant pre-Hangover looks terrific.

  • jimmy says:

    So, when he finally does take his clothes off, he goes on a sunset skinny-dipping session with the other guy? That's using the ol' knoggin'.

  • Cam Girls says:

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  • Croatia says:

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  • JHR459 says:

    I wonder if that guy ever found out he had spoken with 'The Sexiest Man In The World'.

  • Rob Bono says:

    The headline "hypes" the event, as to make the rader think he will see Mr. Cooper naked; it's not much different than just reading about it! LOL!

  • steve says:

    i wonder if the film crew was naked too.

  • Noom says:

    "So is everybody here Croatian?" "No, no." [...] "So not just Croatians are here, there are other people?"

    That Bradley, he is such a genius at interviewing people! Well, either that or he knows how to make a buck off his sex appeal.

  • John Smith says:

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