The A-Team Trailer: I Love It When a Plan Gets Leaked to the Internet


Oh hey, The A-Team! The Film Stage found a copy of the trailer leaked early by a Canadian newspaper for some reason, and you know what that means: The link will be taken down, 20th Century Fox will squash all copies for a few hours, and then they'll be forced to put up their official version a day earlier than they'd planned. So! If you're reading this, hit the jump and watch it before it gets pulled, and if it already has, then let me sum it up for you: A lot of narration and talking, a lot of really weird accents from Liam Neeson and Sharlto Copley, Bradley Cooper takes his shirt off, and there aren't as many explosions as you might think. No one pities the fool, but Neeson does love his quickly forming plans.

VERDICT: Kind of the B-minus team so far, to be honest.

A-Team Trailer - from Clive Owen on Vimeo.