The 9 Most Scathing Critical Responses to Leap Year

Well, that was fast: A mere eight days in, America has produced first roundly-loathed film of both the new year and the new decade. The critical excoriation (and likely middling box office) for the Amy Adams/Matthew Goode romcom isn't quite the start Universal was hoping for after a horrendous 2009, but on the bright side, things can only improve. Just ask the nine unfortunate souls below, who appear to be holding out the same hopes for themselves.

9. "Take a closer look at that calendar: Is this 2010, or 1950? It certainly seems the latter, since no contemporary woman with an IQ above Guinness temperature would sit with such nonsense." -- Peter Howell, Toronto Star

8. "There's definitely nothing about this formulaic film that makes you leap for joy, unless you skip out after the first half hour or so." -- Rebecca Murray,

7. "The recurring schtick of tipsy coots spouting blarney is an affront to some sort of Irish Cultural Heritage Board or Emerald Isle Anti-Defamation Front." -- Bill Stamets, Newcity

6. "If only Leap Year were an anomaly, the kind of picture that comes along only once every four years." -- Stephanie Zacharek, Salon


5. "This film is unquestionably the most unromantic and downright despairing romcom since Made of Honor or, possibly, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" -- Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle

4. "I applaud screenwriters Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont -- who also wrote the delectably ladylike Made of Honor -- for not engaging in any of that awful 'multiculturalism' that is sullying the American mindset of late. Ireland is, to a correct homebody American, a land of charmingly superstitious drunks, Third World infrastructure, and cows." -- MaryAnn Johanson, FlickFilosopher

3. "Leap Year is the kind of movie of which I wish I could say, 'You couldn't pay me to watch that crap.' Obviously, however, you can - but not nearly enough." -- Marshall Fine, Hollywood and Fine

2. "Yes, it's the ol' pretend-to-be-married routine, as seen in many other movies! Do not be surprised if the quaint [inn] proprietors order Declan and Anna to kiss passionately as a means of proving their love! Do not also be surprised if, before the sequence is over, you find yourself praying for the sweet release of death!" -- Eric D. Snider, Cinematical

1. "This one's a heart-sinker, fromage of the smelliest order; I am mystified by its existence." -- Michelle Orange, Movieline

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