Roman Polanski's Latest Gets Release Date; Is He Next?


Summit Entertainment announced this morning that it will release Roman Polanski's new film The Ghost Writer on Feb. 19, just a few days after its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. The news coincides with word that a Swiss appellate court will likely have a ruling on Polanski's pending extradition to the U.S. within the next month. Which means, if this in absentia sentence-dismissal goes down Jan. 22, someone might be on the Ghost Writer red carpet here in February. Just saying. [NYT]


  • SaltySue says:

    He asked to be sentenced in his absence, how did you get dismissal out from that?

  • If the in absentia sentence is shorter than the US-Swiss extradition agreement allows, then the case is pretty much over. And even if he is extradited, the pending misconduct investigation would probably get the case tossed by mid- to late-February if Switzerland holds to its timetable.