Franco Breaks Fourth Wall, Confesses Everything: 'I Shot a Man in Tribeca and Watched Him Die'


You think that your week was bad? Try having the two most important women in your life kidnapped by a maniac killer, hidden away in two separate locations both outfitted with identical bombs counting down to the same second, and realizing that you can only save one. That's the hell that General Hospital's Franco unleashed on Jason Morgan this week, and if that doesn't ease your week's blow, maybe the following emotional scenes from this afternoon's episode will.

Watch and learn as Franco turns the camera (not the gun!) on himself and explains everything: Why his canvas is murder, whether he was guilty when imprisoned, etc. Consider yourself warned, the following video is haunting.


  • Marin says:

    Thanks for all these GH/Franco updates - I'm really enjoying his "performance art" experiment.

  • Cassie says:

    that last monologue was fantastic. It made sense for Franco. I actually felt for the poor psychopath. I had actually felt some sadness in Franco before this, so this brought it all full circle.
    I think he is on again on Monday, although it could just be a repeat of the DVD he shot on Friday.

  • Cassie says:

    One more thing, though. Lulu is not an important woman in his life. Carly is...and that is who he intended to put on the bomb had Jason's plan to get arrested not thrown him off track.
    Lulu is a friend, but they are not close at present, and she is nothing compared to Sam and Carly.
    Lulu on the bomb is just a predictable GH plot point to bring Dante and Lulu closer. It should have been Carly or Maxie.

  • Anon says:

    Fascinating. What the F is James Franco up to?