EXCLUSIVE: Disney Actually Is Developing a Lost Ride

This week, Lost fans have been buzzing about a petition for Disney to develop a Lost attraction at one of their theme parks (so much so that Movieline came up with five necessary suggestions for such an endeavor). Executive producer Carlton Cuse responded by tweeting that he'd like to see Disney make "a big Lost E-ticket ride," a comment I'd mostly brushed off until a trusted source revealed there's more to the story.


According to Movieline's mole, a Lost ride is one of several attractions being workshopped at Walt Disney Imagineering right now, and loose-lipped WDI insiders were buzzing about the project at the recent International Associations of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAPPA) show in Las Vegas. The Lost attraction would be a motion-based dark ride featuring Kuka arm technology (right), the flexible new innovation that Universal is employing for its upcoming Harry Potter theme park.

Disney actually passed on employing the Kuka arm years ago due to its low capacity and loading lines, but our insider says that WDI has since warmed up to the technology, especially so as to be competitive with Universal. In the following video, you can see WDI's initial use of the Kuka in its Epcot attraction The Sum of All Thrills:

Our source cautioned that Disney likes to workshop many projects at once, but the mind reels at how the Kuka technology could be employed to enhance a property like Lost. Perhaps our Smoke Monster Roller Coaster isn't so far-fetched! (Jack's Time-Out Room for Toddlers may be another story, however.)

Movieline spoke to a Disney rep who denied the development but said he wouldn't rule anything out in the future, particularly if Lost remains an evergreen property for the company.



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