Episode V: Conan Strikes Back


This just in from The Tonight Show writer Todd Levin's Twitter: "Holy crap--Conan came out swinging tonight!" Yup. Put the kids safely to bed -- you're gonna wanna catch Coco tonight. [@toddlevin]


  • major disaster says:

    Jesus, what an epic clusterfuck this has become. I hope he reams NBC but good. He does not deserve they way they are shitting on him.

  • Martini Shark says:

    I see FOX in his future now. He did spring forth from the "Simpsons" camp after all.

  • cw says:

    watching ep. there was a quick okay bit about ten minutes in where they mentioned the controversy. but that was it. did i miss something.
    i specifically tuned in to see him 'come out swinging' and instead he maybe tried a slap once.

  • Maybe Leno got in the editing room first. All part of his master plan...

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