State of the Island


· Breathe easy, Lost nuts. Pop-culture-friendly Press Secretary Robert Gibbs reassured a tense America today that he did not "foresee a scenario" in which the SOTU would preempt the show's final-season premiere. [Wonkette]

· Darth Vader vs. Batman: The Completely Insane Dance-Off! [via I Watch Stuff, Videogum]

· Burlesque first look: Cher descending staircase.

· The DGA Awards nominations for TV recognize Mad Men, Lost, Glee and Curb Your Enthusiasm in the series categories, Taking Chance, Grey Gardens and Georgia O'Keeffe in TV movie categories. [DGA]

· Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon were both considered for the part of Jake Sully in Avatar, but in the end, James Cameron went with his gut that unknown Sam Worthington was the man born to play the part. Did he make the right call? [Access Hollywood]

· Can you tell who's who in Mad Men just by looking at their pocket square? [Hello Christina]