What's On: The Emancipation of Vinny?


It's Thursday night, so we don't even have to remind you that MTV is airing a new episode of Jersey Shore (and Vinny will most certainly deal with the consequences of hooking up with his boss's girl), but for those brave viewers willing to vacation outside of the Garden State, click through to see your other accommodation options.

Jersey Shore [10 PM, MTV]

I feel bad defying Ronnie's orders, but it's too late: I fall in love at the Jersey Shore every Thursday night. This week the cast deals with Ronnie's big fight, Snooki's other big fight, and Vinny tries to make good with the boss, whose girl he swiped. And if DJ Pauly D's next spinning exhibition isn't better attended, I'm going to write MTV and threaten to mix up their face on the ones and twos. With that pun, yes.

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew [10 PM, VH1] Dr. Drew Pinsky is again addicted to making us all uncomfortable, and this time he sets out to cure the drug and alcohol woes of Kari Ann Peniche, Dennis Rodman, Mindy McCready, Mike Starr, Joey Kovar, Tom Sizemore, Lisa D'Amato, Mackenzie Phillips, and Heidi Fleiss. He has just 21 days to do it, which is not even as long as Mackenzie Phillips's High on Arrival press junket.

The Jay Leno Show [10 PM, ABC]

Just hilarious: On tonight's show (heh), Jay welcomes Denzel Washington and stages a "JMZ" skit with Mikey Day. You'll remember that TMZ just reported that Jay will take over Conan's timeslot and perhaps displace him for good. This is going to be record-level unfunny. I'm calling Conan over for pizza and we're making fun of this.

Unforgiven [8 PM, AMC

Clint Eastwood stars in the 1992 Best Picture about a onetime gunslinger who's roped into bounty hunting. I was about to call it my least favorite Best Picture of the 1990s, but then I remembered Forrest Gump. Can you imagine the furor that would've erupted if the internet existed when Forrest Gump came out? People hate whimsicality now. It's over. Anyway: Unforgiven co-stars Eastwood, Gene Hackman, and Morgan Freeman, who have all starred in other, better Best Pictures (Million Dollar Baby, The French Connection, and Driving Miss Daisy, respectively).