The Na'vi Invade Hollywood Blvd.: A Movieline Photo Gallery

Perhaps the biggest sign that Avatar has secured a permanent place in the pop culture pantheon is the increasing appearance of unwashed, aggressive Na'vi warriors stationed outside Grauman's Chinese Theater, available for snapshots with the kids for the low, low suggested donation of $5 sky people dollars. Of course, the fearsome Omatikaya clan are known for their mercurial temperaments, and should you try to get away with paying less (or, Eywa help you, nothing at all), prepare for their wrath and/or a dull spearhead puncturing your back as you saunter over to SpongeBob SquarePants.

The following photo gallery captures some of the mayhem that has accompanied their recent invasion of Hollywood's hallowed character turf.


Following in the notorious footsteps of Chinese Theater Chewbacca and Chinese Theater Spider-Man, Chinese Theater Tsu'Tey hisses his disapproval as LAPD escorts him into the back of a squad car, his arrest coming after a pair of Czech college students complained he fondled them "with his penis hair."

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