5 Suggestions for Disney's Hoped-For Lost Theme Park Attraction

It's not easy to deal with the fact that this is Lost's final season, and some of the show's fans have taken it out on Disneyland. Online petitions suggest that Disney (which owns Lost's parent company ABC) should either redo Tom Sawyer Island to become a Lost attraction or devote a new space to it entirely. "While I like the idea of Tom Sawyer's island getting a LOST do-over," tweeted executive producer Carlton Cuse, "I'd rather see Disney make a big LOST E-ticket ride."

Hey, why not go even bigger than that? Over the next few pages, you'll find Movieline's pictorial suggestions for an entire Lost Land. Grab your map of the park (hand-drawn by Rousseau, of course) and take a look!

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  • TimGunn says:

    solol at Michael's shooting range
    but Nikki and Paulo was one of the best episodes! certainly the best of season 3
    I'd also go for a flight 815 freefall/plane crash simulation. And the adjacent hotel would have sirens sound every 108 minutes requiring each guest to enter the numbers in a nearby computer console.
    I was just wondering yesterday whether you could take a tour of the island/sets in Hawaii, I know they used to have a sex and the city tour in nyc (b/c I went on it).

  • LOST_WFTB says:

    I've been telling everyone that the final scene of LOST will the Nikki rising from the sand, say "Razzle Dazzle B*tches!"
    oh and sign the petition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/lostdisn/petition.html

  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    I'd just like to say ithat very near to making the cut was Locke's Tower of Terror, where you can ride everyone's favorite bald man as he constantly plummets up and down the face of an apartment building, recreating his famous, paralysis-inducing fall. You have to be this high to ride Locke, though...and we will not accept "Don't tell me what I can't do" from those too small for the ride.

  • CiscoMan says:

    I just spent 30 minutes looking for the Hidden Mickeys.
    May I suggest Tailies Tilt-A-Whirl, simulating the traumatic mid-air disintegration of Flight 815 and subsequent whirling dervish fall from the sky.
    Of course, no Disney attraction is complete without themed food in the area... Dharma Fish Biscuit, please! http://www.kungfoodie.com/lost-fish-biscuit/

  • Lauram says:

    I love Lost, but they'll desecrate Tom Sawyer's Island -- the only place for unstructured play in the joint, and a favorite of my childhood -- over my dead body.

  • Martini Shark says:

    They will have more space because they will not need a staff to assist with families getting seperated from each other - all the tykes in the park automatically become Lost children.

  • Victor Ward says:

    Charlie's Water Park
    Henry Gale Balloon Rides
    Mr. Friendly's Bouncehouse
    Boone Memorial Gardens
    Danielle's Jungle Cruise
    Mr. Cluck's Chicken Buffet/Hurley's Haircut Emporium
    Christian's Beer Gardens
    Kate's Carousel (with black horses)
    Hydra Island Polar Bear Petting Zoo
    Jack's Penis (just something I personally want to ride)

  • Old No.7 says:

    If want to stay true to the show, the ride will be breathtaking at the beginning, have lengthy pauses several times throughout, meander aimlessly during the middle section, and then end suddenly back at the beginning with the remaining riders getting off and saying to themselves "What the fuck was that?". There will be several pamphlets available afterwords that go into incredible detail and present theories about what you just experienced, but all of them will be wrong. And for the next three years, everytime you go back to the park, you'll see a new theme ride that will attempt to duplicate the success of the original (FlashForward Thrill Ride!), but they'll end up being boring copycats.

  • i was hoping for a really cheesy haunted mansion ride in the style of those you find at county fairs that allows you to tour the cabin in the woods and meet the likes of claire and the ghost of jacob.but i'll be ok as long as i can have a moment in the time out room with jack's various tearful visages.

  • mrpemstar says:

    I vote for Nikki and Paulo's sandbox.
    P.S. I will bring my 5 cats to play there too. LOL
    ~ THE Pemstar Initiative ~

  • Medisoft says:

    I'd pay for anything LOST was selling, and would LOVE a theme park like this!!

  • BJP says:

    I just love the fact that the picture for this article is a photoshopped copy of the entrance to Jurassic Park at Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure. Pretty bold to photoshop a picture of Disney's competitor, and use it as a prototype for a new Disney ride. Well done, ML.

  • R K says:

    terrible idea
    whats next? Ugly Betty Haunted House? Extreme Makeover: Swiss Family Robinson Tree House?
    Disneyland is a place for kiddy rides and not for adult attractions based on an adult show.
    There is nothing disney about Lost.
    Forgetting ownership and copyrights and what not, a Lost attraction would be more fitting at a place like Magic Mountain, where a lot of the rides and attractions are not based on famous KIDS movies and characters.
    I can see it now, you ride accross the river and Micky points to the left... And kids thats where the hobbit did heroine, and here is where you have to push this button over and over again or you die, and here is where people were kidnapped and experimented on.
    happiest place on earth? i think not

  • Lostzilla says:

    It would be cool if they simulated time travel by filming you as you come in, then showing you the footage later during the tour of the Pearl Station.

  • DisneyORama says:

    While it would be fantastic to see Disney create a 'Lost' attraction, Tom Sawyer Island should remain as it is. I wrote a post about this at http://www.disneyorama.com/2010/01/should-tom-sawyer-island-be-turned-into-lost-island/

  • B. Astard says:

    Yeah, it will be popular for the first few months
    after that ... they could use the park for cemetery

  • Andrew Green says:

    TO RK.
    Isn't Disneyland suppoed to also be the most magical place on earth? what's more magical than a magnetic island that moves through space and time? Besides there's nothing disney about Tom Sawyer island any way. When I think of Twain I'm just reminded of how (openly)racist america was. besides if it's more geared twords adults they could sell Darhma beer.

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  • Lizzie says:

    Seriously? I think this is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE IDEA! Disney World and Disneyland are places of happiness. Tom Sawyer Island may not be as popular as it once was, but its classic. They won't get rid of it, just like they won't get rid of Space Mountain or even Cinderella Castle. The LOST show is over, and overall, its NOT for kids, which is partly the point of Disney World and Disneyland, they are places for Adults AND Children, not just ADULTS. None of the ABC shows have rides based on them, and its not time to start now. LOST is over, get over IT, my goodness. We don't need to muck up the beautifulness of Disney World or Disneyland with that. LOST doesn't belong at either of the parks, ANY of the parks for that matter, not even Hollywood Studios, where they have featured shows before (American Idol or Who wants to be a Millionaire for example).
    LOST is not appropriate for children, never will be, and you will just have to deal with the fact that it will NEVER happen.

  • Antwan Kolle says:

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