Late Night Highlights: Conan Learns Na'vi, Colbert Schools Domino's and Hugh Jackman Nearly Burns Down Leno's Studio

If you thought that the ever-shifting late night landscape could not get more exciting than Michael Cera's awkward game of Taboo with Jimmy Fallon, then you have obviously not spent the night with Hugh Jackman. Last night, he entertained Jay Leno by talking about a certain, lordly body part of his and then nearly torching the Jay Leno Show Burbank studio. If that does not get your adrenaline pumping then Conan O'Brien's fluency in Na'vi, Stephen Colbert's tirade against Domino's pizza and Robin Tunney's father's horrifying lies surely will. Those moments, as well as the others you missed while working on your gangster scene straight face, after the jump.

Hugh's Old James Roger

Do you really want to know which of Hugh Jackman's body parts he calls Old James Roger? You really want to know? Well sit through this seven minute segment and the Wolvervine will unzip his pants and almost show you. And then he will unwind after by throwing fire.

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