Avatar Extras to Come?


According to several viewers on hand last night at a James Cameron-attended screening of Avatar, the director claimed his original cut of the film ran an eye-melting 258 minutes. (The theatrical version is 162 minutes.) Among the elements removed -- and presumably forthcoming on the Avatar DVD: "A fair amount of Sigourney Weaver's scenes were deleted and other secondary characters were pared down. A sizable number of special-effects scenes were also excised including a battle between Jake's Avatar and some howling Pandoran animal. In fact the beast itself was excised completely from the final theatrical cut." If anyone happens to know the the Na'vi expression for "overkill," please pass it along in the comments. [Hollywood Elsewhere]


  • Invisible Mikey says:

    By all means, toss on all the extras you can for the home-viewable versions. It adds value to a DVD. I sure wouldn't go see a longer version in a theater. The 3D fx, or maybe it was the glasses, gave me a migraine by the end of two hours. I had to keep taking them off during the big final battle, or I would have hurled!

  • ChimmyChunga says:

    258? Good god.... I must see it all.

  • It's just 38 more minutes of Sigourney Weaver smoking.
    "I'll give you a fuckin R for smoking", Cameron bristled on his way out the door.

  • Ok, Avatar a great film. But can we all admit the Avatars look nothing like their human counterparts? I would be fine with this, except there is a line where Dodgeball (guy from Dodgeball) says to Jake (Sam Worthington) about his avatar, "It looks just like you!" If by just like you, you mean a much larger forehead, gigantic round eyes, Shrek ears, and a tube for a nose, then yes it looks just like you.