Apocalypse Tonight: The Latest in NBC's Leno/O'Brien Reshuffling of the Century


Minutes ago, TMZ reported reported the unthinkable -- or, some might say, the inevitable: That NBC brass, their faces smeared in Peacock egg, would cave to affiliates and return Jay Leno to his 11:30 perch after a disastrous run at 10, while the fate of Conan O'Brien remained uncertain. NY Times' Media Decoder delved deeper into the matter, and found that while meetings were held today to address the matter, "no final decision has been made," but they also "did not deny" the story. We're hearing something different though.

A well-placed source tells us things are going to be shaken up, but that TMZ's report is wrong, and that Conan isn't going anywhere. As for where the dozens of Conan staffers who relocated from NYC to L.A. are going? That too seems to still be up in the air.

· NBC May Be Considering Reinstating Leno on 'Tonight Show' [NY Times]


  • HwoodHills says:

    According to the new stories hitting the NY Times today that state that Leno will be moving to 11:35 (for 30 minutes) with Conan at an hour at 12:05, we can only say three things:
    1. Thank you, PTJ! (Prime Time Jesus.)
    2. Conan, watch your back...Leno ain't gonna be happy with 30 when 60 screams, "Bigger Engine!"
    3. Yeah, we KNOW Leno had the better numbers and was beating Letterman forever...But if you're gonna be a pansy and play the "Corporate Patsy Go-Along", then play it until the end and step away strong. The "Fat girl in the corner" stoic sarcasm just comes across as false and unfair to the new replacement.