What's On: Smelly Cat Sniffs Out Smelly Cougar


Be prepared tonight for the most high-octane reunion since 30 Rock reassembled the cast of Night Court. Or, just revel in the fact that new programming is back on primetime -- upcoming Winter Olympics or American Idol season be damned. Or, wait around for ABC Family to air to grant you your eternal reward with the funnest Disney film of the '90s.

Cougar Town [ABC, 9:30 PM]

Hold it together, world: Lisa Kudrow guest-stars on tonight's episode as Jules's (Courteney Cox) callous dermatologist who also likes younger dudes. If Jennifer Aniston's appearance on Cox's last show Dirt (where the former Friends co-stars kissed) has anything to say about this, the two should end up closer than any Rembrandts lyrics could've ever suggested. Elsewhere in the epsiode, Travis (Dan Byrd) starts looking for Barbara (Carolyn Hennesy).

People's Choice Awards [CBS, 9 PM]

The 50th annual gala honors the viewer-voted best in cinema, music, and television. Watch as Anne Hathaway takes on Kristen Stewart in the Favorite Movie Actress department, and Brad Pitt spars against Hugh Jackman in the Movie Actor category. The rock band award includes nominees Muse and Kings of Leon, two bands your dad loves. Queen Latifah hosts, and unless a snarky Robert Pattinson spurs into warbling a retaliatory version of "Ladies First," the night should be pleasant.

Mercy [NBC, 8 PM]

Veronica (Taylor Schilling) counsels a patient who is questioning his faith. This is problematic, as Veronica is cynical to begin with, so I imagine she'll do some emotional moral inventorying. Elsewhere, a family feud occurs over a dying father, and Mike (Diego Klattenhoff) seems to be forging ahead in his dating life.

Aladdin [ABC Family, 8 PM]

1992's Aladdin -- starring the voice talents of Robin Williams as the ineffable genie, and Full House featured player Scott Weinger as Aladdin -- broke all preexisting box office records for animated films. Whether you most adore Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle's #1 hit anthem, "A Whole New World," the uncredited talents of Tony winner Lea Salonga as Princess Jasmine's singing voice, or the gayest Disney villain ever (Jafar), Aladdin remains a highlight in the Disney vault.

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