TV Bites: FX's Partial Bluth Reunion


· Christmas comes late for die-hard Arrested Development fans, who have all but disassembled their George Michael vision boards while waiting for Mitch Hurwitz to complete the mythical AR film script. FX's new animated comedy Archer features Bluth matriarch Jessica Walter as the "domineering mother/boss of a secret agent," and on January 28, she will be joined by her AR husband Jeffrey Tambor as a UN intelligence chief whom Walter's character attempts to seduce. The series, which premieres Jan. 14, also stars Judy Greer, Aisha Tyler and Chris Parnell. [EW]

The Bachelor promises to out its offenders, ABC bets big on comedians, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· The Bachelor host Chris Harrison confirmed that the guilty bachelorette and crew member who have been engaged in a steamy behind-the-scenes romance will be identified during next week's show and punished accordingly -- the smart money is on Harrison flagellating the pair with a bouquet of thorny roses. [Radar]

· The Shield creator and Lie to Me showrunner Shawn Ryan is busying himself with a Chicago cop drama pilot Ride Along for Fox. [THR]

· Behold, the only possible television romantic pairings more traumatizing than the upcoming relationship between Ugly Betty's Betty and Daniel. [TWoP]

· Hulk Hogan's return to professional wrestling earned Spike TV's TNA Impact its highest ratings ever Monday night. [THR]

· ABC has purchased last-minute two comedy pilots, one starring Carlos Mencia and the other starring Cedric the Entertainer. [THR]

· Suits! Here is your preview to Monday's singing and dancing 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother. [YouTube]


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