Meet Rozlyn Papa, Your Bachelor Mansion-Wrecker


Despite ABC's best efforts to keep the identity of its scandal-wreaking bachelorette under wraps for an inappropriately dramatic reveal followed by a pack of angry women flagellating the two-timer with bouquets of long-stemmed roses on January 11, Radar has foiled the network's plans by revealing that the culprit was Rozlyn Papa. And the rat who leaked the identity of the Richmond, Virginia makeup artist/hairstylist (read: struggling model) was no less than her middle school boyfriend. Other damning developments, including her modeling stats and her corny aviation-themed pun, after the jump.

That's right, the woman stepping out on this season's dreamy pilot Jake Pavelka, the camera-ready beauty willing to forsake a Harry Winston engagement ring and three weeks of guaranteed press to follow her heart into the loving arms of a Bachelor producer was identified by her 7th grade flame, Ronald Rutsen Eagle Jr. Papa's first love revealed exclusively to Radar that the two fell in low when "she asked me how to turn on the computer and it was love at first sight."

Uncanny foreshadowing, since Papa probably fell in love with her still unidentified Bachelor producer over a computer monitor playing back her feeble attempts to come up with pilot-themed come-ons. As Movieline's Louis Virtel reported, Papa's final answer was "You should fasten your seatbelt. 'Cuz it's gonna be a bumpy ride."

A quick bit of research reveals that the now 28-year-old is a 5'6, "experienced" model with a portfolio including photo shoots for Nordstrom, Suave and Virginia Lottery projects. Below, her introduction video for The Bachelor.

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· Woman At Center of Bachelor Sex Scandal Exposed [Radar]


  • stolidog says:

    struggling model (read: budding prostitute).

  • Curt says:

    As with anything, there may be another side to this story. Another site is reporting that Rozlyn was told that she would be allowed to talk to her son every day, yet was not allowed once filming started. The story goes that she threw a fit and slammed the show (which of course won't be aired) and the producers decided to turn one producer's interest in her into a cover story to get her off the show. Though ABC's wording will probably be that there was some kind of inappropriate relationship between the two, apparently there was never even as much as a kiss.

  • rack lover says:

    Nice rack,attention whore who probably slept with a producer to get on the show. Could tell from the first episode she is a fake, nice tits, I'm sure there real....real fake like she is.

  • sweeney says:

    You are correct, there is another story. What Curt is saying is the word now. She was not allowed to talk to her son and the show would not fly him out as they promised. They also told her not to tell Jake about her son, not something you want to tell a mom.
    Oh, and by the way, everything on her is real. The only thins that has changed on her is her hair.

  • Curt is correct says:

    Just check out Reality Steve's blog.

  • Tyler Durden says:

    Oh yeah, she's real alright...nothing screams "REAL" like a set of perfectly proportionate grapefruits on the chest.

  • Nmc says:

    Real silicone perhaps 🙂
    this was a "casting couch" issue taken to the extreme. Who promised the deal about her kid - the producer that she was "not with"???
    They haven't allowed a kid on there everyday EVEN when it's the star's kid.
    She just wanted to put son in the business also.

  • Lisa says:

    Every credible source says that the scandal is a fake and that ABC did this to up ratings. Stop calling Rozlyn names when you don't know what happened.
    check out
    He has reported the correct things concerning this show for several seasons straight [and before the episodes air, too]. He points out that ABC only uses "inappropriate relationship" and tries to insinuate that it's sexual, but it's NOT sexual so they can't say it is!
    NMC- She wanted to TALK to her son everyday, not have her soon there on stage.

  • Allison says:

    I hate to break it to you, but her boobs are real. I was her best friend in middle school when she developed.