Eli Roth's Near-Death Experience to Provide More Hostel Sequel Fodder


Eli Roth may appear to lead a charmed life, but it isn't always fun times and Kleenex-wasting internet masturbation. The Hostel director (whose profile is even more elevated this year thanks to his Bear Jew acting stint in Inglourious Basterds) found himself on a Mexican vacation at the end of last month that almost did him in. Explained Roth on his Twitter (which has been pieced together by his loyal subjects at ONTD):

It's kind of weird to put into 140 characters, but in a nutshell I was in an ocean kayak in open water that suddenly sank. It had a hole. I was about a mile from the shore, behind a huge rocky island. I had to swim to the island and got pulled under the water and nearly hit it. I scrambled up and got about 200 sea urchin pins in the bottom of my feet and my palms. The rock was covered in crabs. It was like a scene out of Starship Troopers. I screamed for help until a fisherman saved me. This was in Mexico. I do not speak much Spanish.

The doctor couldn't anesthetize my foot because it would swell too much. She held up a needle and tweezers and simply said "Be brave." My vacation from there pretty much turned into Hostel 3. The doctor couldn't get them all in 90 mins, so a friend continued for 6 hours. It was honestly the most painful experience I've ever had in my life. I just had to grit my teeth and bear it while they picked them out. [...]

The best part was when I googled "sea urchins" and it said that they are poisonous, but if you get 1 spike, you'll be fine. I had over 200. Luckily, the crabs were scared of this Bear Jew on their rock and they'd back away. But then a wave would come and displace everyone. My feet and hands were such a mess I couldn't walk - I had to crab-walk on my butt around the rock to find an opening where I could jump in. Two days later 4 baby sharks were spotted near where I was stranded. And where there are babies... I actually thought to myself "Oh my God - I'm going to get eaten to death by crabs! And I won't even be around to tell [Harvey Levin].

Still, not as painful as his scene from The Mirror Has Two Faces.

Eli Roth goes on a kayak adventure. [ONTD]