Best Actress Nominees, Here Lies Your Potential Future

It's been an interesting ride for Keisha Castle-Hughes since she was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar for the performance she gave in Whale Rider at age 11: She made a Star Wars cameo and toplined Catherine Hardwicke's middling The Nativity Story, then gave it her best shot with the sexy gay angel drama The Vintner's Luck, which had no luck winning fans at the Toronto Film Festival last fall. Still, the press release I received today announcing her guest-starring stint on the syndicated Hercules wannabe Legend of the Seeker...well, it's quite the cautionary tale, isn't it?


Says the summary:

Castle-Hughes, who begins filming the episode in her native New Zealand this week, will portray a beautiful and powerful young woman claiming to be the Creator, the living embodiment of a God. When she demonstrates extraordinary power, unraveling the mystery of her true identity becomes a matter of life and death for Richard (Craig Horner), Kahlan (Bridget Regan) and Zedd (Bruce Spence).

Sure, Castle-Hughes is probably happy to do a shoot somewhere in her home country, but it also doubles as an effective word of warning to this year's newcomers Carey Mulligan and Gabby Sidibe. Ladies, this Best Actress thing seems pretty important now, but if you're worried about getting a big head, just remember that you may have to have it fitted for a tiara in 2014 when you play Zatara, She-Princess of the Unclothed Extras.


  • major disaster says:

    Probably didn't help that she got knocked up and had a baby at age 17.

  • Mikey says:

    By an unknown father!

  • Morgo says:

    Not to an unknown father, but to her partner. The two are still together.

  • Fabergé Eggnog says:

    Keisha, Carey, unclothed extras, getting a big head... this juxtaposition is a penile aneurysm waiting to happen.

  • tom says:

    "Legend" is a hugely underrated show. Excellent writing, big themes wrestled with, way more subtle and nuanced than one would expect. And it has a very big global following. You do both the show and Castle-Hughes a disservice with this article.
    And even if it weren't a good show, in this day and age, nobody is in a position to be snide about anybody finding employment of any kind. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, buddy.