Movieline Lends Sandra Bullock a Hand on Her Highlight Reel for Betty White's SAG Award


TV icon Betty White -- her many moods pictured here in this trance-inducing For Your Consideration ad -- is the recipient of this year's Screen Actors Guild's Life Achievement Award, and deservedly so. And it's her The Proposal co-star, Sandra Bullock, who'll present the tribute to White's six-decade-long career. (The show airs live on TNT and TBS on Saturday, Jan. 23.) Since Betty holds a special place in our heart, we thought we'd pitch in by offering up some raw footage for the highlight reel to come.

Life with Elizabeth

Betty's first show was a low-budget sitcom that aired in syndication from October 7, 1953 to September 1, 1955. She starred opposite Del Moore, the two playing a suburban couple who kept getting into "incidents." Del would stomp off, and the announcer would say, "Elizabeth, aren't you ashamed?" She's nod, then a smile would creep across her face and she'd shake her head vigorously, predating a similar shtick from SNL's Gilly by over sixty years.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The part that made Betty a TV icon was Sue-Ann Nivens, a Martha Stewart precursor with a voracious sexual appetite and deliciously bitchy side. It won her two Emmys.

Betty Goes Rogue on Match Game

Betty was the queen of game shows, and the first female to win the Daytime Emmy for game show host. Here she is on Match Game, taking over for Gene Rayburn, to show the veteran how emceeing a celebrity free-for-all is really done.

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